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Legalization of stay in Poland

According to the new regulations the legalization of application can..

According to the new regulations the legalization of application can be submitted only in Poland . There is no possibility to submit an application form in the Polish Consulate. The required condition is to record foreigners fingerprints.

Polish law offers several types of temporary residence permits:

  • Temporary residence and work permit,
  • Temporary residence permin in order to perform highly-qualified work (Blue Card),
  • Temporary residence permit in order to perform job by the foreigner seconded by the foreign employer to the territory of Republic of Poland,
  • Temporary residence permit in order to carry business,
  • Temporary residence permit in order to study,
  • Temporary residence permit in order to scientific research,
  • Temporary residence permit for the Polish citizens family members or foreigners family members,
  • Territory stay for the foreigners who are human trafficking victims,
  • Short-term stay permit,
  • Other circumstances stay permit.


The foreigner can apply for the unlimited residence permit only after several years of stay in Poland. Polish law offers several types of permits:

  • permanent residence permit for
    • Polish citizens spouses,
    • Pole’s Card holders – prior temporary residence permit is not required, Pole’s Card holders after receiving the Card from (exclusively) Polish Consul can come to Poland and apply for the permanent stay. This form of legalization can be applied to the persons of the Polish origin as derived from their parents, grandparents and grand grandparents,
    • persons covered with the international protection or tolerated stay, or children of the Polish citizens and foreigners who have the permanent residence permit or long-term EC residence permit
  • long-term EC residence permit for persons staying in Poland at least for 5 years, having insurance and stable income source in Poiland.


Residence permit in the special cases:

  • Stay permit for humanistic reasons – for the foreigners in the case of life protection, freedom or personal security, according to the 1950 Rome Convention, and in the case when when obligatory return of the foreigner could abuse his family or private life rights, or children’s rights.
  • Tolerated stay permit – in the case whe the foreigners return is impossible for the other reasons.


Both permits are issued by the Border Guard (one cannot initially apply for this form of legalization of stay in Poland) while proceeding in the case of the foreigner’s return obligation.

There are several more forms of the foreigners protection in Poland. They are the subject of the separate Act on Foreigners Protection. The foreigner can be granted the right of asylum, refugee status or accomplishing protection. The applications in these cases are being proceeded by the Foreigner Affairs Office.

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